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Edds and co. Customer support, sales, Malta, Greece Jobs
Job seekers edds and co. Customer support, sales, Malta, Greece

Edds and Co is specialised to help candidates find their dream job. Our focus is to make the journey easy for you. We are aware that it can be a a difficult task to find the the right employer. With our experience and connections, we have done a lot of research on which employers are serious and have a good staff policy, and where you can also grow and have a career. For job seekers all our services come with no fee, and we are here to help to find your dream job in the location you wish. 

When placement takes place the companies are taking care of all flights, accommodation and basically the whole relocation package.

Check our job board, find the job and location that suits you well and we will take care of the rest..

Edds and co team

Our Team is based in Malta, a well trusted family oriented team with multi skilled hard working consultants.

We also have freelancers and ambassadors working in each country continually looking for skilled candidates.

We are also proud to say that employers and companies keep seeking us year after year to take care of their candidate acquisitions.

We are also multilingual where we can communicate in English, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and many more.

We also hire candidates from any EU country to any destination they wish.

One of our strongest points is that we are available everyday and always available to help

Edds and co recruitment solution

Edds & Co have helped multilingual companies around Europe since 2018 to find candidates with skilled talents.

Whether your office is located in China or Norway or anywhere around the world, or if you are searching for Customer care staff or Php Developers, we take care of the whole process. Make ads, promote them on related channels in the language that you demand and after filtering and assessing the candidates, we introduce them to you.

Testimonies from our candidates and also from employers who have used our services show that our recruitment agency is reliable and high performance. Something we are proud about, hence the reason why we always have a long term relation with all our clients. 

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